Our Team

The Osteopath Clinic Hamilton

Our team of Osteopaths have a wide variety of skill sets that enable them to perform as primary health

Our Team

Paul Hume


Paul is a gifted osteopathic professional with 30 years of practical experience in New Zealand. He trained in New Zealand at the Osteopathic College of New Zealand and is an international member of the American Academy of Osteopathy. He attends seminars and conferences in New Zealand and the US each year. Paul has an exceptional gift in sensing past connective tissue injuries that contribute to chronic pain. He uses advanced Balanced Ligamentous Strain and Myofascial release  techniques for these. He is very skilled at treating newborns and toddlers for the effects of birth and injuries from falls with Cranial Osteopathy. He uses Visceral Manipulation to treat attachments of the internal organs having attended several workshops with the founder, Jean-Pierre Barral DO. Paul has taught seminars for osteopathic students and practitioners for the past twelve years as he believes in spreading the knowledge he has acquired over the years. One of his seminars took place in the city of Bhubaneshwar in India. He has also trained in the US with Dr Bruno Chikly MD in techniques useful for the effects of head injuries. He enjoys snow skiing here and in the USA, mountain biking and rides a KTM adventure motorcycle.

Initial Visit

Time Age Price
1 Hour Adults (12 years over) $150.00
3/4 Hour Children (8—11 years) $130.00
1/2 Hour Children (0 — 7 years) $90.00

Subsequent Visits

Time Age Price
1/2 Hour Adults (12 years over) $90.00
1/2 Hour Children (8 years over) $90.00
1/4 Hour Children (6 years & under) $50.00

Heike Ehrlenbach


She is out of the country at present for an Extended Period.

Heike has completed a Master of Osteopathy, with merit, at Unitec Auckland in 2011. She has previously practiced part-time from Mel’s Clinic and provided osteopathic services in the greater Waikato region, treating adults, children, dogs, horses and once even a guinea pig. Heike utilizes structural, cranial and visceral approaches, treating every patient individually, focusing on finding the key factors and not just treating the symptoms.

Private Visit

Time Age Price
30-40min Adults (12 years over) $85.00
30-40min Seniors (65 years over) $75.00
30-40min Children (0-16years) $70.00
Acc Visits All Ages $50.00

Eliza Rose Watkins


Eliza has been part of the team at NaturalBodylink since January 2022 and became the clinic manager in November of the same year. Alongside her position as clinic manager she is also in her third year of her Bachelor of Law degree at Waikato University. Although this is her first time in a managerial role Eliza has several years in administration and customer service so is enjoying the challenges that come her way.

Julia Watkins


Julia Watkins is part of the administration team under Shelley. She has done various administration jobs in various fields from a Wine company to the Probation Service. Since emigrating from England to New Zealand she has worked in Osteopathic clinics mainly due to the fact that her husband is an Osteopath and the clinic where he worked needed a Receptionist, the rest, as they say is history.

Sue Oliver


Sue Oliver is an Ozone Therapist and has been promoting the benefits of Ozone both professionally and personally for over 23 years . The HOCATT steam sauna can provide the body with the ability to fight off parasites, viruses, bacteria, inflammation and even yeasts by the administration of ozone gas . It is designed to boost the immune system , detox the body , improve circulation , assist in chronic illnesses or help maintain vitality and health . The HOCATT does this in combination with other modalities including electro therapy, carbonic acid therapy and Far Infared … all this in a 30 min session.

Boosts Energy Levels Detoxification
Decreases Blood Pressure Resuscitates mitochondria
Kills viruses, bacteria and parasites Candida and thrush management
Superior blood and oxygen supply Reduces pain
Supercharges the immune system -