Fascia is the soft connective tissue framework with the human body that surrounds, supports, suspends, protects, connects and divides muscular, skeletal and the organs of the body.  It is interlinked in bands that run down through the body to integrate all areas to facilitate movement.

The body adapts to movement easily as the fascia is fluid filled and slippery.  However if significant trauma occurs the fascia can lose fluid and develop abnormal tensions that restrict fluid flow and motion.  Inhibited blood flow and accumulation of wastes may then contribute to inflammation which leads on to degenerative changes and disease processes.

If this occurs in attachments of organs as a result of a car accident or fall from a height, function of the organ can be reduced and fibrotic adhesions can form which may need to be surgically removed.

The founder of osteopathy Andrew Taylor Still MD was the first person to acknowledge the importance of fascia as a body system and taught techniques to treat it in the school he established in 1892 in Kirksville Missouri USA.

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