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Covid 19 News

Our clinic will open at Level 2 with strict guidelines as outlined by the Ministry of Health.   Our clinic will have strict rules in place to ensure safety of the public and the staff.  We will use PPE and have masks available for each patient.  We will be focusing on getting in urgent cases initially […]



Concussion to the brain occurs when external force hits the skull and results in bruising or injury to the brain.  It can however also occur as a result of whiplash with no impact to the skull.  The result is neurological dysfunction which can cause headaches, dizziness, sleep disturbance and difficulty concentrating.  In certain individuals these […]



  Fascia is the soft connective tissue framework with the human body that surrounds, supports, suspends, protects, connects and divides muscular, skeletal and the organs of the body.  It is interlinked in bands that run down through the body to integrate all areas to facilitate movement. The body adapts to movement easily as the fascia […]